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Players of the Game

May 16 - Jun 20

Katie M


Big catches

Laura A

Unthank Remnants

Best game of her life

Kristy M

Kicker Problems

Big kicks!

Jon G

Pitch Please

Game leading kick

Ashley B

Bat Romance

All-around awesome!

Nick F

Soft balls

Tag out at 3rd

Kelsey L


Deep catch in the last inning

Ashley R


2 run RBI for the lead!

Julia H

Batty McBatface

All around great player!

Players of the Week

May 16 - Jun 20

Niki Barrett

Litterbox Ballers

Niki is a killer player she’s is always following the ball and going after it. She’s communicating with her teammates the whole night. Most players use two arm to bump, not this powerhouse. Niki must be eating her spinach because she’s got a Popeyes worthy one arm return. Not only can Niki take the speed and power of a hit but she can control where the return ball goes. Crazy skills, keep it up Niki.


Carole Maskin’

Ready to go with a smile on his face, Masa hustles and has fun. Wether it’s flipping the score or shagging balls he’s helping out. Jumping at the net, hitting the ball down and diving to dig balls, he’s a team player. Keep it up!

Laura Sullivan

A Tribe Called Sets

Laura was crushing it tonight. She gives beautiful sets to her teammates. On top of that Laura’s got a killer serve to look out for. Athleticism is good to have in any sport but Laura possesses an additional skill that makes her amazing. Her communication and encouragement to her team is off the charts. The whole night she is giving positive words to her team. Laura is on point with giving feedback and communicating where the ball is. Keep it up Laura!!

Florence Gerber

Ball Busters

Florence killed it on opening night at Brentwood park. She was all over the court going for the ball. Florence isn’t afraid of hitting the sand to get the ball back up, and did she get the ball up. On top of her athletic skills the whole game she was encouraging the team. Her team building skills are on point to bringing up her team moral.

Gary Cardwell

I'd Hit That!

Well Gary can go it all, not only play most sports but also do some work and help set up too. Aside from the positive attitude and help he made some nice plays too. Helping I’d hit that win the match Gary hit his serves, got the ball up and also put it down. Nice match!

Marissa Mckay

Party at Jimmy's!

No matter how intense the competition, there should always be room for sportsmanship in any game. Marissa repeatedly was the loudest for her team even when trailing going into the last inning of the championship. Marissa continued to embody the Underdog spirit with her attitude. For increasing the fun had by all, Marissa is our Player of the Week. Congratulations!

Brett Pollo

Brett Channels Kirk Gibson!

The images of athletes playing through pain to answer the bell are ingrained into our minds as sports fans. You know the names and the moments: Willis Reed. Kirk Gibson. Kerri Strug. (Not) Paul Pierce. Underdog had one such instance Sunday, when Brett from Pitches Be Crazy pulled himself off the canvas from a calf injury suffered the week prior, to deliver line drive smashes and slick plays at second base. There are plenty of tough cookies in the Irving league, as every week, someone takes a bad hop on a grounder to the face, a line-drive off the thigh (shoutout to MC on Team Hodge Podge), or a blistering comebacker to the mound. But when you have to take yourself out of the game one week and then are back out there the following, you'll always get a tip of the cap. Way to grind it out, Brett!

Matt Brown

Mighty Wombats

Allow me to paint a picture. The score is 15-12, bases loaded, 2 outs, 3-2 count. The stadium is dead silent awaiting the next pitch. A crack off the bat sends the ball to deep left field. Tracking it down and making an amazing catch just before the ball hits the ground, is Matt from Mighty Wombats!! A spectacular play to race to the ball and make a game saving play for his team to keep them in the playoff hunt. For his amazing catch, Matt is our Player of the Week!

Danielle Crockett

Don't Even THINK about Hitting it to Short-Stop!

Danielle absolutely locked down the left side of the infield on Monday night. She made the routine plays, the over-the-shoulder grabs, fired rockets to first base, and made diving stops in the hole to rob Ritual Sacrifice of base hits. She's solid at the plate too, spraying hits around the field, and generally wreaking havoc on the basepaths. If you're playing Saved by the Balls, you'd better think before hitting it toward shortstop!

Todd Weimer Keeps Things Light!

Back Up Off Me Pitches

Prior to the final game of the day Sunday, Todd of Back Up Off Me Pitches presented an awesome idea: A "Best Worst Team" trophy would be granted to the team that scored fewer runs. Cocaine Hippos agreed, and the two 0-5 teams squared off in a good-natured contest that featured plenty of great plays and laughs alike. After the game, Todd made the formal trophy presentation and both teams cheered one another on as Captain Matt from Cocaine Hippos got lifted on his teammates' shoulders and carried off the field. It's not all about records at Underdog, where we keep the mantra safe, fair, and fun at the forefront. What a cool gesture and a perfect way to cap another lovely Sunday afternoon at the softball field.