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Players of the Game

Jan 8 - Jan 16

Chris W

Shaggin balls

Leading to victory


Andrew B

Floor Play

Captain made it happen

Cassidy P

Happy Hour

Digs hits and hustle!

Lacey D

How I Set Your Mother

Lacey’s the best around! Nothings gonna ever get her down!

Angela F

Nice Aces

Great serves

Adriel K

Net Result

To be blocked, or to not be blocked. That is the questions

Sarah S

Volley Llamas

Also Spencer with the HITS

Coach J

Setting Ducks

New Shoes!!!

Caden C


Epic Spikes!

Players of the Week

Jan 8 - Jan 16

Dallas Tate

E! True Volleyball Story

Dallas Tate from E! True Volleyball Story is Player of the Week! He was everywhere on the court- chasing each shanked ball like Superman, positioning himself for successful digs, giving buttery passes to the setter and going in for the kills. His scrappy plays kept the momentum going for his team in the Finals. Congratulations to Dallas!

Jodi Johnson

Serve-Ivors PoTW

No knee pads no problem. Jodi flew about the court this week showing no fear getting down for a save or dig! Those Serve-Ivors are a scrappy bunch!

Sierra Smotek

What a season!

What an awesome season by Volley Llamas. The highlight of tonight’s game is Sierra. She has shown so much improvement from the first game to tonight. She has gotten more comfortable with being on the court, she lets her team know where she is. Several time tonight she was right in the line to receive the ball. Sierra is moving around the court diving for ball, giving it her all. Watch out other teams because Sierra also has a killer serve, such power behind it. What amazing growth and awesome teammate shown by Sierra!!

Jocelyn Smith

Indy #V58

I swear she was next to the ball every second that it was on her court! Its one thing to be there when you call the ball and make the play but even when someone else called her off she was there and ready covering for them just in case because now more than ever every point counts! Its all or nothing in these end of season games and Jocelyn was for sure giving it her all, and then some! Congrats on being our player of the week Jocelyn!

Josiah Lewis - Comeback Player of the Year?

Calf Size XXL

Not sure if you saw it, but Josiah morphed himself into an all star this past week out on the kickball field. An up and down career has led to bits of ridicule shouted towards around and over Josiah by the rest of the Bobby Sucks squad; always in the most positive light of course. We aren't sure what Josiah put in his coffee between the first and last game but whatever it was it worked. With a go go gadget like boot he was sending the ball into orbit and making spectacular catches all over the field. It was a team effort to bring Bobby Sucks their first victory but it was earned and a joy to watch. Congratulations to all!

Josh Delivers for the DIGs

Notorious DIG

The intensity was huge for Notorioius DIG on Thursday at St. Charles with Josh Michalec leading the way. He sparked his teammates to victory in a lively exchange in the first game vs. Sets on the Beach. The 27-25 score in the first game reflects a mighty good performance by Josh, who led the way with flawless play. He had a hand in almost every touch and dazzled all with a few incredible saves. Josh really took off at the net, where he landed crushing kills on the defensive end. The DIGs were inspired by his intensity and gave their all in the 2-1 game match.

Andrew Kirkland

Saved By The Ball

Andrew had an awesome game tonight. He was encouraging his other teammates and communicating his location. Andrew is a fast player on the court. He is constantly moving on the court, he’s ready for any play coming his way. Look out for his serves he got a fast serve with a lot of power. What an great job Andrew!

Mike Hess

HAM - Indy #V60

How many times can one player block the ball in a single rally?! Well you would have to ask Mike because I lost count! It was absolutely crazy how many times he pushed it back over and got ready to do the same thing just over and over again! He was putting on quite the one man show playing 1 v. 6 in that moment, but you could tell that every rally he was in and every point he was fighting for it was for the team! He really kept his eye on the ball and was ready for every block every second of the game! Congrats on being our player of the week!

Chris Whytock

Shaggin balls

Chris Whytock from Shaggin Balls is Player of the Week! He had a huge presence on the court as he was digging for balls, blocking his opponents and getting multiple kills. He chased every shanked ball and helped secure their win to advance into finals next week. Congratulations to Chris!

Lindsay Huggins

The Ball Busters

Every time I looked over Lindsey was either on the ground with a dig or getting up and ready to set again. Will not let a ball fall, Digs Magic......... makes the difference!!!!!