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Players of the Game

Mar 13 - Mar 25

Zac S

L.O. Ballers

Converting everything like he’s traveling to Europe

Danelle R

I'd Rather Be Napping

chain moving machine

Ariel S

Back that pass up

Starting off the season right - tds plus not touchdowns too

Xavier C


Krystle C

Off Constantly

Happy birthday

Players of the Week

Mar 13 - Mar 25

Krista Kahmann Ups the Ante

Sets on Sets on Sets

This week's POTW easily goes to Sets on Sets on Sets's Krista Kahmann for her impressive performance in grinding out wins for her team. Everyone was on the edge of their seats (well, those of us spectators) witnessing one of the most intense matchups of the season between the Sets and Wheels. Krista was right in the mix with plunging to the floor for one-arm saves and delivering the 1-2 punch with service perfection when it really counted. Both the first and second sets were close and went into extra points. And that's where Krista comes in as she seemed to be right where she needed to be on the court in any given situation. Her solid play on both offense and defense was the "it" factor and stood out for the POTW honors!

Collin Winn

Block It Like It's Hot

Team Captain for the winnnnn! Collin killed it tonight he was all over the court just ready for the ball. He followed the ball so well that it’s like he floated in the air just ready for his teammates digged ball and tipped it over gaining the point. Collin is an awesome team player, encouraging his teammates after a play. He also celebrates with them for an awesome volley and/or move. Keep it up Collin!

Lindsay Jenkins


What a champ! Lindsay showed great sportsmanship tonight. She subbed on the opposing team, assisting them in their win. She then proceed to sub for them again for their double hitter. Lindsay you killed it, being ready for any ball and supporting your subbed teammates. Playing 6 sets in one night is exhausting but it didn’t show on Lindsay’s face at all. Want an awesome player!!!

Stephanie Yates

Making buckets and kills

Stephanie not only helped lead her team to back-to-back upsets to advance to the championship game next week but she also dug a ball into the hoop! She made the amazing dig and as her teammates started to chase it down they realized it was going in. It was nothing but net! We appreciate her as a volleyball player but maybe this is a sign of her true sports calling!

Danielle Risberg

Blue Balls

There is always a player who lifts everyone up and sometimes they lift up the whole gym for a 9 PM game! This week that was Danielle! She comes in each week ready to play and complete and this week was no different. But this week she had that something extra that you need for the late game. All hour long she was cheering on her teammates and laughing, even when the score might not be going their way. Danielle has that Underdog Spirit that just comes natural and she is one heck of a volleyball player. Great work Danielle!


Must Love Digs

Player of the week goes to Ellen, what an incredible couple of matches! In game one she dug her team out of a hole with a miraculous serving streak forcing the game to go into overtime. Her serves were low and deep with a bit of a float, making them difficult to pass and the perfect way to get back in the game. In games two and three Ellen strategically placed spikes in the deep corners and kept up her consistent serving. Not only did she make some great volleyball plays night but she showed off her dance moves throughout the game. Thank for coming out and having a good time, awesome game!

Wayne Chen

Diggin' Pigz

The Diggin' Pigz were diggin' and settin' and spikin' like there was no tomorrow! And who was there for the settin' over and over again? Wayne! He was there every time and ready to set it just perfectly at the net for a teammate to come in and spike it! Wayne is a player who really keeps the communication going and is always up and ready for the next play. This is an awesome team to watch because Wayne and his teammates all play like they've known each other for years, but believe it or not they started out as an indy team only a season ago! Now not only are they an awesome team with some sick team shirts, but they are signed up for another season as The Diggin' Pigz! Congrats on being the player of the week Wayne!

Michael Wennerlind


The most highly anticipated game in the men's playoff bracket was the semifinal match between LOBallers and Random Strangers; two similar teams with different strengths that had had competitive games throughout the regular season. Once the game got started, LOBallers took over and used a stout defense to stymie the Random Strangers offense. It was Michael Wennerlind showing up big time at crucial moments to earn POTW honors after this crucial game.

Kristi Williams

Bump Life

Kristi is ready for any ball she’s following the flow of the volley so well that she’s ready to receive the ball at any moment. Kristi’s got the perfect volume and call to let her teammate know if the ball is in or out. She’s highfiving her teammate for awesome moves and encouraging them when down. Kristi is down to play, she stayed for almost another hour to play a another game. What awesome sportsmanship!

Makaela O'Malley Shines In Debut

Team ZBO

In the inaugural game for Team ZBO, Makaela made sure her presence was known. Not only was she continually cheering on her team and keeping morale at a high level, but she had one of the most impressive comebacks you will ever see. Down to only herself and facing 3 of the top players from the other team, it was not looking good for her to pull of the win. With each team jockeying for a strategic advantage, Makaela went for the win. It started with an incredible catch in close quarters, 1 down. Then immediately after, a laser beam to the shin of the opposing team, 2 down. And just like that, a second catch in a matter for 10 seconds and the match was over. Makaela completed the epic comeback and shocked the crowd. Great start to the season, Makaela and Team ZBO!