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Players of the Game

Nov 7 - Nov 19

Jerimiah M


Travis M

Cromartie's Kids

Playin through the groin injury like a pro...or some pros

Felix is a body. He puts points on the board.

Angad S

Palouse Moose

Played awesome

Servando C

Sets on Sets on Sets

Game winner!

Players of the Week

Nov 7 - Nov 19


JR Spins to Victory

After seeing JR's spinning ball serves, you'd think he could spin plates on a stick. 21 Bump Street's secret to delivering aces and unreturnable serves is on the loose and showing off an incredible style. JR starts by spinning the ball up in the air, then in a secret move that he can disguise by sleight of hand, delivers an overhand hit that continues the ball spin until it lands with a slam and thud on the opponent's side of the net. There is so much movement on this thing, you'd think it was in orbit. The Spinmaster left the court in shock and awe with everyone wondering what the heck just happened. What happened was - three wins in a row for 21 Bump Street and POTW for JR!

Sarah Ratliff

Indy #V63

Sarah stepped up tonight subbing for a team that was missing a player, on her first night of the season, then going into another game with her team Indy #V63. Sarah showed her commitment to playing the game, taking a spike to the shoulder that allowed her team to play off it and win the point. Joining a Indy team can be nerve racking, playing with people you don’t know might take some time to feel comfortable. Sarah on the other hand verbally encouraged her teammates and she also communicated the whole time on the court. Shout out to Sarah for going all out on the first night of the season, keep it up!

Curtis Shepherd

Get Off The Horse POTW

Do you know how you know when Curtis is gonna throw? It’s the face. It’s not aimed at your face, but his face looks like it’s aimed at his face. A rocket arm and a cheerful disposition. Don’t let the throw face fool you, he’s an overall nice guy.

Kari Fremont

Wilson and the Castaways

Night one. Setting the tone for the season. Kari's serves were coming in hot! You could hear the ball leave her hand but those low float serves were so deceiving! You couldn't tell how hard they were coming in until it shot off of her opponents hands. Ace after ace after ace!! She wasn't the only one bringing the intensity to her court, her whole team was bringing it! They know that every game counts and they are starting from game one, ready to give it all they got and take this season by storm! Congrats on being the player of the week Kari! Cant wait to see what you and your team bring to our season!!

Are you there, Faith Kraatz? D1 is calling!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Indy #V54

Faith is truly an offensive and defensive weapon for Hit Me With Your Best Shot! She’s always running absolutely gnarly slides and scoring points. Her stats? Incredible. Her kill percentage specifically? A1. Her blocks? Impenetrable. I’ve seen her regularly stuff guys who are at least a foot taller than her. But good volleyball cares not about height, and Faith knows the game. Kudos to Faith and Hit Me With Your Best Shot for playing hard and leaving it all on the court!

Rachel S.

The Volley Llamas

There are times that we need a team player just like Rachel S. to rally us. While her teammates where down Rachel had a positive energy that encouraged her team. She than took the time to high five each player between plays. Her teammates even started to do high-fives with the team between plays. Its people like Rachel that can raise team spirit that creates positivity within the team. The team spirit really showed up in the last game where the whole team put in their energy going after the ball, great serves, and communicating with each other. Thank you Rachel for being there to lift up the team.

Robert Kerner

NEEA Megawatts

Normally players play their best game when they have the familiar flow of their team mates around them, but Robert didn't need that! He noticed his opponents were playing down a few players and he was quick to jump over and offer his skills to even out the game. Talk about sportsmanship! Quickly introducing him self to his new team of the night the game got started and Robert showed his true team what they were missing! Diving and hitting the floor left and right, Robert wasn't about to go easy on his own team! Congrats on being our Player of the Week Robert, keep up the awesome work!

Steph Scarbrough Serves It Up Best

Sets on Sets on Sets

When you need some points to settle a deadlock, just bring in Steph Scarbrough of Sets on Sets on Sets. She'll clean up the aces and throw points on the scoreboard to ensure victory. She's a master at the service line, rarely missing an opportunity to take over on offense. The Sets were battling it out with Notorious Dig with the players outdoing each other on assists and saves. Steph contributed in a big way in those areas too, as she is just as good a setter as she is in command of her service. Give her an inch and she'll score a mile of points - all adding up to a 2-1 set victory for the Sets. Bam, Boom! Here comes Steph's serves!

Esther Fynn-Purvis

Team PNW

Esther from Team PNW is Player of the Week! This player had a positive attitude, worked hard, and consistently got to the ball. Her focus and potential is great, and she made definite strides tonight. Team PNW even had a unanimous nomination for Esther as their Player of the Game. It's well deserved! Congratulations to Esther!

David Peyree

A drop in the Votion POTG

Like the Matrix, David must have taken the blue pill. Or was it the red? It doesn’t matter he was flying all over the place putting the dodge in dodgeball. We’re pretty sure he jumped with his brain. Watch out for this guy! Well played David.