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Players of the Game

Jul 9 - Jul 16

Dylan D

Going Off Constantly

Home run and winning out.

Kieran M

La Kickaracha

Huge home run.

Megan S

La Kickaracha

6 catches

Megan F

Gym Class Heroes

Double play.

Marissa: A lot of RBIs & catches.

Alexander D

Drunk Tank

Closer comes in for that 25 run save.

Amanda M

Paddy Wagon

First career Underdog hit.

Andrew W

thugs and kisses

Leadoff HR amongst other heroics.

Ran B

Bloop Single

Amazing game saving catch on ball hit over his head with bases loaded in 6th.

Aaron S

The Syndicate

Batted balls around the yard!

Players of the Week

Jul 9 - Jul 16

James Anderson

Sons of Pitches

The man they call "Jimmer" took the mound for the first time in ages in place of absent Sons of Pitches workhorse starter Sean Evans. Jimmer proceeded to spin 5-innings of 1-run softball. When asked if he thought his other 2 innings of 14-run ball were a black eye on his stat line, Jimmer responded resolutely, "I love black eyes." Despite a 9-run fourth inning, Jimmer was by and large able to keep a loaded Sandlot lineup in check. He also came through in the clutch with a 'Water Bomb Splash Soaker' to help keep the umpire cool when the sun's heat got near intolerable levels. Nevermind that he forgot the Ginger Ale he promised, when it came to delivering when it counted most, Sons of Pitches could rely on Jimmer!

Sara Stillwell

The Pit Crew

Starting out a little bit nervous behind the plate, as catcher, Sara loosened up and played! Getting the ball back to the pitcher and so much more. First and second at bats, lead to singles. Adding hustle, base hits, and scoring twice she was making plays and having fun! The Pit Crew was on it and everyone made plays, and contributed. Great attitudes and game!

Katherine Turner

Always Fermenting...Always Winning

Katie’s attitude is cool and refreshing. Just how you’d feel if you were drinking a frothy kombucha. Win lose or draw she’s dripping with positivity. If you don’t know, now you inow

Great focus


Ali never lets up and will not give the opposing team an easy out! Make sure you throw two strikes before you get a swing, then she will drive the ball through the infield. Great focus!!!!!!

Colton Surcamp Esquire, The Third of His Name With a Head's Up Play.

Vicious and Delicious

Vicious and Delicious eked out a 1 point over Offense Only on Wednesday night. It was due, in no small part, to Colton Surcamp Esquire, The Third of His Name's head's up play near the end of the game. Down 7 points with a little over a minute to go, Colton caught a long pass that Offense Only was trying to allow him to score him on. Offense Only, living up to their name, wanted V&D to score so they could get the ball back with enough time on the clock to go down and score again. Colton wasn't having any of it. He took a knee allowing more time to come off the clock. V&D scored 2 plays later, and then got the 2-point conversion to put them up by a point with just 18 seconds to go. Chris Gonzalez, tried to get Offense Only into the end zone, but his final pass fell incomplete as V&D celebrated the win. Colton Surcamp Esquire, Third of his Name's head's up play was, no doubt, a big determinant in their win and, for this, he is this week's Player of the Week.

"Jukebox Hero"

Megan Gremer...HR Kicker

WOW!!! Megan came out strutting a fanny pack with a radio built in. Now I call that kickball fashion at it finest. Those tunes, must've gave her the boost she needed, her first at bat she crushed a ball into right and took it all the way home, for her first Home Run. Way to keep the spirits high Megan...Your the real Hero

Therminators PoTW: Kenji Spielman

Spielman shows well rounded-ness

Kenji put all of his talents on display this week. And folks, that doesn't stop at his athletic prowess. Kenji spreads good vibes with a great attitude and he just might have a chance at becoming a light night open mic comedy star. Kenji has fun, he plays hard, what CAN'T he do?!

No One Wears It Better; The Story of The Lady In The Pink


It was a scorcher of a day out at Westmoreland; the infield was nice and dusty as Game #1 commenced on Field #2. Both teams showed up to compete, but the Game Changers would put together a couple large innings to pull away late in the game. Colleen was an excellent representation of not only her team but Underdog Sports as well, showing up with a great attitude and a deadly pink "LA" hat with matching bandana combo. When she stepped into the box she meant business, and by business I mean laughing it up with her teammates and enjoying this beautiful we get to play. She will be forever known as The Lady In Pink. Shout out to Colleen C. for her Player of The Week Honors!

Aaron Peck


It was a clear sunny day, a clear path to victory was in sight. Aaron Peck was on the court, trying to consume....all the hits, all the digs, and all the serves! He led his fantastic team the Regulators to victory tonight with two epic serving sprees that changed the tide, and ultimately was the deciding factor in this match. Not only does Aaron have mad skills, he was able to maintain focus even while wrangling his kids on the sidelines between serves. This is no small feat! Huge props to Aaron for all the skill and communication that gave the Regulators another tick in the win column. Way to go Aaron!

Rebecca Franceschi


Baller. Coach. Encouraged. 6’2” and pure energy!!!!!! POTW BECCA!!