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Players of the Game

Jun 18 - Jun 25

Arielle D


Amazing defense all game! Played a huge role in the win!

Nick D

Winners, Losers + Boozers

“The closer”. Great game Nick!

Jake W

Drunk and Punts

Had a few kicks and played solid defense all game, including the game ending catch!

Audrey S

The Sinabuns

Audrey was dealin’ the entire game. She only gave up one run, and had two beautiful catches in a r

Angelo D

One Flew Over

Angelo played a great all around game. He kicked the ball all over the field, as well as making many

Melissa S

Can I Kick It

Melissa played a textbook defensive game, grabbing a fiery line drive right out of the air, along wi

Anita S

ON Tuesday

Clutch RBI’s gave her team the lead and they never gave it back.

John H

I’m not a player, I just bunt a lot

Outstanding defense gets the job done

Kevin W

Low Expectations

Didn’t come out with the win, but the other team all voted on him as Player of the game. Had multi

Taylor O

The Dusty Ducks

Awesome field play

Players of the Week

Jun 18 - Jun 25

Ivan Garcia

Gym Class Heroes

Ivan has showcased his all around ability on the kickball field. He makes great plays in the outfield, and even saved a run with his catch and throw in. Ivan also possesses a clutch gene, ripping a walk off kick in a huge comeback victory. Keep it up Ivan!

Matt Pierce

Team Rickickulous - Indy #K7 Player of the Week!

Matt Pierce was unanimously voted by his teammates for being player of the game. He helped get his team onto the board by scoring their first run with some stellar base running skills, but his help didn't stop there! He made some clutch plays in the field with some catches and throwing runners out. Matt proved a great team leader by high fiving and cheering on his team.

Mary Campbell


Mary was a positive force for her team Sinrock! She was loud and proud to be back in the softball field and it showed with her awesome attitude and uplifting spirit. To top off the good vibes she had a MONSTER 2 run triple to put her team well in the lead and secure the W! Way to be Mary!

Kalei Libby

Bag O’ Digs

Kalei showed up bright and early ready to get warmed up and play her heart out! And who can blame her when we have such nice weather and an awesome grass court to play on? The grass may not be the easiest kind of court to get down and scrappy on but Kalei was showin her opponents how it's done! Hitting the floor before the ball does and never giving up on the balls flying into the net, despite all the grass stains that may have incurred. Congrats on being player of the week! Way to play it up Kalei!

Cliff Fox

Banana Bunch

Cliff has played more than just volleyball! He showed off his basketball skills by boxing out another player to make sure the ball dropped out of bounds. Cliff showed he was flexible in many positions by serving aces, setting the ball for his teammates and spiking the ball over the net.

Elliott Waksman

Can We Kick It?

Elliot demonstrated superior knowledge of the rules of kickball, as well as exceptional play throughout the week. He was cordial and was actively engaged in bringing energy to his team. Great job Elliot!

Christine Blackledge

Biyeee Week

Biyeee Week rode the momentum of a spring championship into the summer season, handing 2 Legit 2 Kick an opening day loss. Christine "Knick Knack" Blackledge locked down 1st base, not only for Biyeee Week but for We've Caught Worse in their double header. Also, as many people yelled out throughout the day... "She's quick to 1st"!!!

Miles Colyer

Skanska - Super Heroes In Training

Miles had a rubber arm! Pitching two complete games he had the hitters off balance all day long. Long, short, fast, slow, it didn’t matter, he pitched his team to 2 straight victories in the playoffs when it mattered the most. Good job Miles!

Bill Brink

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

The spirit of the game-that being for any and all types of sports-has always been the fun and enjoyment we get out of it. Every team needs that one player who keeps everyone loose and makes sure no one forgets why they’re out there. The Husky Rabbits may very well have the best one out there in Bill Brink. Bringing his youthful energy and nonstop banter out on the field, Bill not only had his own team cracking up the whole team, but also had the other team laughing along with them. While he was at it, he made sure to throw some shots at the ump so everyone could be part of the moment and he gets serious brownie points for that. Bill, thank you for making my job easier and for being you, it’s something everyone would be fortunate to experience.

Natalie Herge

John and Friends - PoTW

Player of the week ain’t always about statistics. Sometimes it’s about attitude. Other times it’s about helping others in some way. Well, this week we’ve got it rolled into one as Natalie displayed incredible talent throughout the day as she had a good time either her team, and then helped out a couple others as a sub in two more games. Now that’s one way to be a team player! In a Sunday filled with diving plays, walk off homers and healthy competition, Natalie was a force with solid fielding as clutch hitting. Congratulations Natalie!