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Players of the Game

Sep 15 - Sep 22

Christian B

Bottom of the Fifth

Aka "Christianaldo" for his 4 errors on the day

Scott S

Aka "Big Al" b/c he's here to hit dingers

Pauliasi V


Had hands down the most fun!!

Ryan C

Basic Pitches - Indy #S12

Hustle man tonight, great range at shortstop!

Brittany M


Excellent attitude and always a good conversation!

Audrey W

Big Pink

Audrey’s bat was on fire tonight! She went 5 for 5 with two triples!

David B

I'd hit that

David had an incredible night, both on the field and at the plate!

Justin H


Justin was waiting to bust out at the right time. How about the bottom of the 7th with a game winnin

Kim D

Bats Hit Crazy!!

Keeps these characters together, and sometimes gets enough focus to win!!!

Mark W


Nice pitching and fielding! Don’t ever forget he can hit too!

Players of the Week

Sep 15 - Sep 22

Justin Hines


Hurry up and wait! Justin is patient at the plate and willing to take a walk if it’s given. Then he waits for the right time to put a charge into the ball. Nothing like a walk off double to prove he is a formidable hitter. Not to shabby tracking down fly balls in the outfield either. Two nice games today with 2 wins for the doubleheader!!!

Mark Eden

Dig It - Indy #V38

Player of the week was well deserved by Mark E from Dig It. All night Mark was making plays left and right. He was talking it up to his team and making sure the ball wasn't landing without effort. He was serving it to all the right spots and had at least a half dozen Acres. In two games to night he never let up on effort and hustle! Great work Mark!

Rosa VP

The Salty Tomatoes - Indy #V44

Wow! Rosa really gave it her all tonight! She was all over the court for her team and played some solid defense. In one single rally she was down on the floor popping the ball up and keeping it in play three times in a row without even getting enough time in between to get back on her feet! It wasn't the first or the last time she was diving to the ground for her team either! Way to put in the work Rosa, keep it up!

Regan Aguilar

Questionable Catch

Regan keeps this crew focused, even when standing in line for the next catch she took a shot to the head. Took her time conducting herself and lead the crew

Nolan Day

Baby Got Pass - Indy #V46

  This past Wednesday at Blazers Boys & Girls Club, Nolan of Baby Got Pass came up huge when his team needed him most. During a heated set, Baby Got Pass needed a kill. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Nolan rose to the occasion, proceeding to get his first spike of the season right in the nick of time. For coming up big in the game’s most crucial moment, Nolan is our player of the week. Congratulations!

Casey Noack

We Will Block You

For being Casey's first night out on the court with his team he really brought his A game! He joined in on the awesome knee high sock trend that his team has going on and was ready to play the minute the game started! If he wasn't up at the net blocking whatever came his way then he was backing off waiting for the set that he could kill! And it didn't matter if he was on or off the court you could hear him suggesting strategies and cheering on his team mates! Between the awesome socks, the team spirit and the slime it was an awesome night for Casey and his team!

Fredi Avila

How I Set Your Mother

Fredi from How I Set Your Mother was on fire tonight. In a very close game, he was there to make all the right plays. Nothing was getting past him! His team said he was jumping out of the gym. He pulled out all the stops to bring home the W tonight. Great work Fredi and team!

Carrie Birkett

The Rule Abides

Somethings gotta be said about following the rules. And Carrie can tell you about it. Those rules are there for all of us and she certainly does follow them. She encourages others to do the same. Honesty being the best policy, Carrie abides.

Jamie, Sarah, and Dan combine for the Rare Triple Play

Chupacabra Tsunami

Most teams are satisfied with a double play, but Chupacabra Tsunami was not. Jamie gathered the ball at shortstop, touched second, fired it to Dan at first for the second out, then Dan fired it home to Sarah and she swiped the tag at home for the third out. Just like that, inning over! Great all around team play and definitely worthy of players of the week. This also helped Tsunami get two wins on Monday night! Great job!

Molly Culwell

Spike me good

Molly was truly "setting up" her team for success on Monday night! Molly arrived early this week and instantly jumped in to help set up the courts for the night. Not only that but when the teams got out on the court she was there setting her players up for some awesome plays that lead to an awesome night that ended in Spike Me Good taking home the win! Molly is an awesome player both on and off the court. Keep it up Molly!