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Players of the Game

Mar 2 - Mar 8

Anisa B

Pitch Slap

Two clutch catches in the outfield!

Amanda D

My Bumps Bring All the Balls to the Yard

No warm up needed. Came in and immediately served two aces!

Saulo S


Power hitting and excellent serving

Jaclyn E

Free Ballin

For playing through the pain...of her Lululemon disaster.

Kevin P

Boot & Rally

Alex Smith comeback player of the year

Joel L

21 Outs

Fully vaccinated

Kosal S


Kicking bombs

Amanda C


Catch of the game

Hannah G

21 Outs

Big kicks

Players of the Week

Mar 2 - Mar 8

John Kusluch

2 Legit 2 Hit

It's a new day and a new era of Underdog Portland. Wiffleball... and it was AWESOME. it took a while for players to get the flow of the game, but once they did, it was amazing play after amazing play. John is an Underdog kickball veteran, known for being a rangy outfielder, but today, he laid his body on the line on the wiffleball field just like the kickball diamond. Multiple diving catches provided highlight reel moments, and most importantly, John showed what a good sport looks like, making sure that the other team's defense was prepared before self-pitching to his squad. Amazing day out there John!

Marce Shook

Sets and sensibility

Marce got some killer game! She had a wicked serve that’s hard to return. Even more than that she is an amazing team captain! The whole night I saw her chatting with her teammates. She was giving encouragement left and right. Marce always had high fives for sweet plays. Marce really showed her sportsmanship and kept team moral up.

Marshall Taunton

Dig These Balls

Digs These Balls had an insane game on Tuesday night that didn't end with the W they wanted. The score does not speak for Marshall's all out effort on the court throughout all three sets. Regardless of the score Marshall was willing to throw his body in every direction to make sure the ball remained in play for his team. Good work Marshall!! You have some natural volleyball talent.

Brian Bilquist PotW

orville ready blockers

No matter how intense the competition, there should always be room for sportsmanship in any game. This past Tuesday at Eastmoreland, Brian Bilquist of "orville ready blockers" put on an impressive display of sportsmanship that had a positive impact on all players in the game. Brian repeatedly encouraged not only his own team, but the brand new Indy team that he was competing against. Brian completely embodied the Underdog spirit with his attitude. For increasing the fun had by all, Brian is our Player of the Week. Congratulations!

Molly Tinling

Spike Club

Molly was killing it on the court today. There wasn’t a single ball that went down on the spike clubs team without Molly fearlessly diving for it. Chairs and walls couldn’t stop her and she kicked butt. Her attitude brought an energy to the court that got everyone pumped up no matter what the score. Thanks Molly for bringing such a lively spirit and an all or nothing attitude to the games today!

Kevin Potter Leads Team to Victory!


On occasion, sports offer a platform for an athlete to transcend the competition and the game played. Such was the case when Kevin Potter of spIKEA transcended volleyball with his electric performance. In long rallies, spIKEA turned to Kevin when they needed that kill. Time and time again, Kevin answered the call, recording 12 kills on the final match. For his athletic performance and vocal leadership, Kevin is our Player of the Week! Congratulations!

Mike Troy

Indy #V11

What a killer first game. Mike served it up, literally! During the the tie breaker game he served a 14 point lead. Holy smoke! The opposing team was scrambling to return the ball. With that lead Mike’s team was able to secure the win for the night. Mike was hustling all night on the court. He has no fear, going after every ball.

Corbett Fox


Throughout the entire day, CCC turned to Corbett when they needed a play. With a cannon of an arm in every game, he was there to make the play. From diving across the floor to dodging balls and getting people out consistently, he was there when his team needed him. For his athleticism and intensity, he is our player of the week! Congrats!

Kristi Salazar


Kristi has come to know what it takes to bond a team and the sportsmanship that lives within the Underdog Oasis. Today she was glowing with it all and really working hard for her team!

Bernard Falk

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers more like Hot Chilli Peppers! Bernard was a flaming Cheeto tonight. He had a sick cross net spike. It went from one side of the net to the other no issue. Bernard can do some major damage while on the net. He is a beast jumping up to block spiked balls. He can do it all! You need a beautiful set, Bernard is your man! Keep those flames going!