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Players of the Game

Mar 14 - Nov 19

Jackie M

Gym Class Heroes

Ferocious competitor, hard throws and healthy hand shakes at the end.

Laurie's killer instinct overshadows Kyle's desire for Player of the Game

Chris M

always picked last

Go go gadget arm

Alicia T

Rubber Chuckers

Taking the shot to da face

Janice J

Cool Name Pending


Alex B

Dodgey Style

Victorious for all the emotional marbles

Lauren - Last woman standing...always!

Drew S


Does it all! It’s like he enjoys it!

Jenifer C

Beastie Balls

Double kill

Michelle Y

Average Joes - Indy #D2

Catching machine!!

Players of the Week

Mar 14 - Nov 19

Curtis Shepherd

Get Off The Horse POTW

Do you know how you know when Curtis is gonna throw? It’s the face. It’s not aimed at your face, but his face looks like it’s aimed at his face. A rocket arm and a cheerful disposition. Don’t let the throw face fool you, he’s an overall nice guy.

David Peyree

A drop in the Votion POTG

Like the Matrix, David must have taken the blue pill. Or was it the red? It doesn’t matter he was flying all over the place putting the dodge in dodgeball. We’re pretty sure he jumped with his brain. Watch out for this guy! Well played David.

Regan Aguilar

Questionable Catch

Regan keeps this crew focused, even when standing in line for the next catch she took a shot to the head. Took her time conducting herself and lead the crew

Darcy Murphy


Sometimes sitting out and watching your teammates step it up makes you a better player!!!!

Katie Murphy


Hard angles and great throws, made the most impact on the games!!

Martin Hulth

I'd Hit That!

Becoming the focus of the opposition, and bringing the his game every week!!!

Carl Guinn

Questionable Catch

Always brings his A game!!!

Chris Han Was an Assassin

I'd Hit That!

Chris Han was a cold-blooded assassin on Wednesday night at Friendly House. In a matter of 10 seconds, he pegged a player on AA for the out, then caught a ball for another out, then threw that ball and pegged another player out. I'd have to check the Underdog Record Book on this but 3 outs in under 10 seconds might be an Underdog record! In addition to this, his energy and competitive spirit on the court were infectious and raised everybody's level of play on the court. Great job, Chris! You're this week's Player of the Week!

Bryce Hutchinson

i eat poop

Seriously makes every ref, player and underdog staff say the words”I eat poop” fun team with the ridiculous name!!!! And a captain that puts it all together!!!

The whole team of 4!!!!

Blue Balls

Blue balls took on the challenge of dodgeball playoffs with only 4 players. With close matches throughout the bracket and exhausting effort, they fell just short of the championship. Great effort and fun to watch!!!


Winter Co-ed Dodgeball at the Friendly House Wednesdays

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  • Sport: Dodgeball
  • Format: Co-ed 6s (3M/3F)
  • Locations: Friendly House
  • Days of the week: Wednesday
  • Starts on : Starts on Wednesday, January 16
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