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Spring Big Turkey Bowling at Interstate Lanes Thursdays 7pm

Team Profiles


Thursday, April 28

Zombie Night
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  Lanes 15 and 16 Lanes 17 and 18 Lanes 19 and 20 Lanes 21 and 22 Lanes 23 and 24 Lanes 25 and 26
7:00 PM
  eBowla [4]
  Flava Bowl [0]
POTG: Jill Y
  Alley Cats [4]
  I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter [0]
POTG: Brendan H
  Britney Spares [4]
  Gutterfingers [0]
POTG: steven d
  Keystone Kops [1]
  Bowl Dancers - Indy #B4 [3]
POTG: David B
  Spare Ribs [0]
  Deez Ballz [1]
POTG: Jolene M
  The Michael Bowlton [1]
  Jesus in Blue Jeans [0]
POTG: John H
8:00 PM
  The Michael Bowlton [1]
  Deez Ballz [0]
POTG: Sarah C

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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