Way, way back in the history of Underdog... there was El Robotico Diablo. This dominant team ran through the competition like a hot knife through butter consistently. But, people get older. They get married. They have children. Every supergroup eventually disbands. And that left one of their stars without a home. So what would a player looking for a new home do? They would become one of the few chosen leaders of Indy teams. And that's exactly what Kevin did. He became a leader to those who were just cutting their teeth with Underdog. He helped perpetuate the "Underdog Way", having fun at every turn.

Recently, we learned that Kevin would be moving from Portland to Phoenix. I'd love to keep this as a positive write-up, and say things like Phoenix will be better with Kevin there, but honestly, we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about how much it will hurt to not have Kevin's energy, smiles, and infectious laugh at the fields every Sunday. Ask around. You won't be able to find a player who doesn't love Kevin.

This last Sunday, Kevin went out the only way he should. He won two championships. One with a team of veterans; one with a team of upstarts. And all the while, he was laughing. We're going to miss you Kevin.